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Fall program:
Creating sustainable social change


Program Details


You will receive 21 credits:

  • Marketing, Society, and the Public Interest (MKTG 4644, 3 credits)

  • Special Study: Legal Approaches to Change (MKTG 4984, 3 credits)

  • Consumer Behavior (MKTG 4204, 3 credits)

  • Field Study (MKTG 4964, 6 credits)

  • Study Abroad (MKTG 3954, 3 credits)

  • Exploring Citizen Leadership (LDRS 1414, 3 credits) 

*Communication majors can earn up to 12 credits in COMM. International Studies majors can earn up to 12 credits in IS. HNFE students can earn HNFE field study credits.*

Academic Opportunities include:

  • Earn all but 1 final credit to receive a minor in Leadership and Social Change 

  • Earn all but 3 final credits to receive a Global Prosperity and Improving the Human Condition Global Pathways Minor

  • Substitute MKTG 3954 for MKTG 4704 to earn a marketing cognate by completing additional reading and a paper that examines a topic in international marketing. Final approval of the cognate is obtained from the department, school, or college. (Communication Majors Only)

You will meet twice per week to prepare you for your four week experience in Africa. You will also complete a semester long project that develops a grant proposal to support our partners in Africa.

Classes are taken at Franklin University Switzerland where you are taught by Virginia Tech professors.



Tuition and Fees (2021-2022 rates)

  • In-state: $4,791

  • Out-of-state: $12,722

  • Global Education Office fee: $100


Program Costs*

  • Program fee: $3,400

  • Transportation total: $3,160

    • Includes: Airfare in Europe and Africa, Eurail pass​

  • Lodging and meals (Europe): $3,400​

  • Lodging/meals (Africa): $1,800​

  • Visas: $100

  • Medical insurance: $140​​

Estimated Out-of-Pocket Costs​

  • Immunizations: $200

  • Books/supplies: $100

  • Travel and personal expenses: ~$5,000 

In-state student TOTAL: $22,191

Out-of-state student TOTAL: $30,122

*Note: Prices may change due to global economic conditions.

If you are a Penn State student, click here for specific course transfer and price comparisons.

Important Dates for Fall 2023

August 15, 2022 - Applications OPEN! We accept applications on a rolling basis.

Initial Deposit ($1,200) - Due 2 weeks after your acceptance of our offer to be in the program. The initial deposit secures your spot in the program. The deposit is nonrefundable if we are unable to find another student to replace your spot in the program. 

Program Payment 1 ($5,400) - Billed May 10, 2023. Due June 10, 2023. See full breakdown of program fees under "Costs."

Program Payment 2 ($5,400) - Billed July 10, 2023. Due August 10, 2023. See full breakdown of program fees under "Costs."

Virginia Tech Tuition - Typically billed by the university at the beginning of August and due by the end of August. See "Tuition and Fees" for current prices. 

Semester Abroad - September 1, 2023 through December 10, 2023. The program leaves roughly September 1 for Switzerland and returns to the US roughly December 10. Students spend the month of November in Africa. 

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