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Economic development is crucial in increasing the quality of life for Ethiopians and Rwandans and ensuring and restoring peace and stability for future generations.

BACKGROUND: Poverty and Economic Growth

Ethiopia and Rwanda have some of the fastest growing economies in Africa, but they still rank as some of the poorest countries in the world based on GDP per capita. Large portions of their populations live in poverty. Many citizens are unemployed or underemployed and rely on subsistence farming to survive. 


The Ethiopian and Rwandan governments are shifting from their current focus on agriculture and natural resources to create a more competitive and sustainable economy. Both countries have announced information technology (IT), tourism, and entrepreneurship as the main foundation for their country’s long-term plans for economic growth.


To help reduce poverty in Rwanda and Ethiopia by supporting the government's goal of economic growth through IT, tourism, and entrepreneurship. We will establish programs to develop youth and young adults' passion, knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards these topics to foster economic opportunities and ventures.


We will use a project-based approach to design and implement various initiatives to pursue our goals.  These projects will allow us to determine the feasibility of incorporating these activities into the schools and communities given the local resources available to maintain these efforts.  


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