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Program Details


You will take three classes in Lugano to prepare for your experience in Africa:

  • International Politics and Diplomacy 

  • Leadership and Social Change

  • Ethical and Sustainable Service Learning 

You will also complete a semester long project to support our partners in Africa. 

Classes are taken at Franklin University Switzerland where you are taught by Franklin University Professors and Linking Lives Program Staff.  Upon successful completion of the classes, you will receive a certificate of Leadership and Social Change from Franklin University Switzerland.


Courses have the potential for credit transfer, should you go on to study at a university after your gap semester experience. 


Tuition and Fees (2019-2020 rates)

  • Franklin Courses and Certificate:  $2,000


Program Costs 

  • Program fee: $2,500

  • Transportation total: $2,500

    • Includes: Airfare in Europe and Africa, Eurail pass​

  • Lodging and meals (Europe): $3,500​

  • Lodging/meals (Africa): $2,000​

  • Visas: $100

  • Medical insurance: $120​​


Estimated Out-of-Pocket Costs​

  • Immunizations: $200

  • Travel and personal expenses: ~$2,000

TOTAL COSTS: $ 14,920

Note: Prices may change due to global economic conditions.

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